Our Services

We work with private companies to transform their growth potential. So they receive support throughout their growth journey – right through to pre-IPO


Our services include:

• From cap table management solutions to direct stakeholder engagement for members
• A trading facility to list debt and equity
• Connection to a network of companies, investors and advisers
• ESG reporting, share registrar, cap table management, legal, accountancy and support services through our partner network


Direct market access for private equity and debt

  • Broker-led, custom-developed and secure trading platform for debt and equity
  • API technology connected to regulated market participants and their investor channels
  • Raise and maintain your profile in the investment sphere
  • Allows easy cap table management for companies from cradle to exit

A frictionless, open and transparent marketplace for growth companies and their stakeholders

An ecosystem for brokers and advisers to access private markets

  • Benefit from a peer-to-peer network
  • Fully tested new technology with easy plug-in APIs
  • Layered service support for clients beyond just transactions

Have comfort in knowing a company's growth is managed and serviced beyond just the raise and through its entire lifecycle

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