We’re delighted to announce the appointment of Stephen Garland to our Board of Directors. As we addresses the challenge facing thousands of privately held growth businesses in the UK, where owners are seeking to raise additional capital and shareholders or bondholders are looking to realise the value of their investments, Stephen makes a strong addition.


Stephen says, as part of our announcement:

“CrowdX has identified both a key challenge faced by many growth businesses seeking financing – and critically devised a hugely intelligent solution to address this. Success here would pave the way for many smaller companies to access the funding they need to become the significant employers and economic contributors of tomorrow. I look forward to helping CrowdX deliver against this ambition.”


Stephen’s a highly regarded, hands-on executive with a global technical, development, and data analytics background and his appointment as a Non-Executive Director of our Board augments his current role as Chief Technology and Product Officer at Trustpilot.


Mike McCudden, our CEO commented on the appointment:

“I speak for the whole CrowdX team when I say how pleased we are that Stephen has agreed to join our board. His commitment to the CrowdX project underlines the scale of change we can deliver when it comes to helping grow the businesses of tomorrow and the first-hand experience he brings to the table will be invaluable.”


The CrowdX solution enables companies to seek investment via debt or equity, whilst offering liquidity to existing investors – without the need to utilise public markets. Services include independent business valuations, cap table management, carbon reporting, secondary market liquidity, and the management of investment rounds.