About Us 

CrowdX is a new regulated capital market for privately held companies.  We offer an electronic  primary issuance platform and secondary market for debt and equity in growth to pre-IPO.

Our network is a vibrant ecosystem of issuers, brokers, advisors, backoffice providers, discretionary fund managers and investment banks.

Founded to address the real-world challenges holding back the growth of scale-up companies, CrowdX offers a low-cost, highly flexible solution for companies looking to consolidate their cap table, fund growth and provide investors with a realistic exit option.

Our technology - created to bring new efficiencies to capital markets for the benefit of private companies

Much like a public market, but private! Approved member companies have access to our growing ecoystem of buyside investors and advisers to bring efficiency and transparency to private capital.

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We are hiring! Join us in our ambitious plans to build the leading market for UK private equity

Outside our board and advisory board, our core team comes from a mix of private and public equity backgrounds.

Paul Atkinson: Chair. Paul is a professional Investor in Technology and Service businesses and a founding Partner of Par Equity, one of the UK's top performing EIS Fund Managers, measured by successful exits.

Andrew Foster: Founder of CrowdX. Overseen the implementation of numerous trading and portfolio management systems for some major firms.

Mike McCudden: CEO. Mike has 20 years of capital markets leadership experience from market making to product development and corporate finance.

Melissa Gilmour: Head of Brand and Communications. Melissa has 20 years in small cap equity marketing and research and digital marketing experience in blockchain and fintech.

Derek Crous: CTO. Derek co-founded Peresys, the leading South African financial market technology provider that was later acquired by IRESS. 

Sagrys de Beer: Senior Developer. Sagrys has a wealth of experience in writing technology for the financial markets. Sagrys has written FIX trading interfaces, as well as built the back-end to Unitised fund execution platforms and CFD and equity clearing and trading systems.

Andrew McGlynn:  Analyst. A recent graduate with a 1st Class Honours degree in Accounting, Andrew also won the EY Prize for an Intermediate Financial Reporting Essay on Corporate Social Responsibility.