About Us 

Our team's mission is to use our digital technology to build the right kind of ecosystem needed today to transform private companies.

With the CrowdX network we can steward growth companies and organisations to build a better future for all stakeholders involved.

Our technology - created to bring new efficiencies to capital markets for the benefit of private companies

We come into capital markets with fresh digital technology, rather than layering new solutions across older incumbent systems.

With our own proprietary CrowdX technology,  private companies (or issuers) can experience the same efficiencies as public ones through easy direct market access. They can work closely with our members (brokers) to manage and gain access to liquidity and capital.

Investors, through CrowdX, can benefit from up to date information through plug-in APIs that are fed to the CrowdX broker network.

Everyone benefits as a result. So we can build back better, together.

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We are hiring! Join us in our ambitious plans to build the leading market for UK private equity

Outside our board and advisory board, our core team comes from a mix of private and public equity backgrounds.

Paul Atkinson: Chair. Paul is a professional Investor in Technology and Service businesses and a founding Partner of Par Equity, one of the UK's top performing EIS Fund Managers, measured by successful exits.

Andrew Foster: Founder of CrowdX. Overseen the implementation of numerous trading and portfolio management systems for some major firms.

Mike McCudden: CEO. Mike has 20 years of capital markets leadership experience from market making to product development and corporate finance.

Melissa Gilmour: Head of Brand and Communications. Melissa has 20 years in small cap equity marketing and research and digital marketing experience in blockchain and fintech.

Derek Crous: CTO. Derek co-founded Peresys, the leading South African financial market technology provider that was later acquired by IRESS. 

Sagrys de Beer: Senior Developer. Sagrys has a wealth of experience in writing technology for the financial markets. Sagrys has written FIX trading interfaces, as well as built the back-end to Unitised fund execution platforms and CFD and equity clearing and trading systems.

Andrew McGlynn:  Analyst. A recent graduate with a 1st Class Honours degree in Accounting, Andrew also won the EY Prize for an Intermediate Financial Reporting Essay on Corporate Social Responsibility.

Anna Murphy: Anna is an impact consultant specialising in the Future-Fit Business Benchmark. Her work supports companies to embed this pioneering impact management framework into strategies and data systems. She is certified in financial climate risk management (GARP SCR).

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