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Within the rapidly-expanding alternative finance industry, equity crowdfunding has emerged as a popular method of growth finance.

Equity crowdfunding is a mechanism by which a broad group of investors can fund start up and scale up businesses in return for equity.

Whilst crowdfunding has grown significantly over the last five years, many investors in crowdfunded businesses are put off by the long holding periods required to realise value from their investments.

New investors may have missed an initial capital raise and still want access to early stage businesses.

That’s what CrowdX is here to solve: CrowdX provides a secondary market for crowdfunded equity.

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About us

CrowdX provides a solution for investors looking to buy into young, private companies, while retaining the levels of choice and flexibility offered by public stock exchanges.

Ability to dispose of assets

Shareholders can exit at any time, rather than having to wait for an IPO or other corporate event. Shareholders can exit a portion of their position, thus realising profit, while still holding a position in a business.

Access to proven smaller companies

Investors can buy into businesses that have already completed a crowdfunding round.

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Brokers help individual investors to open their CrowdX accounts and start trading.

Companies whose asset are traded on CrowdX are treated as partners in this exciting emerging space. We work with the firms to ensure that the business benefits from the listing continues on an ongoing basis.

Crowdfunding partnerships help firms to raise additional capital on the assumption that their equity will become tradable at a future point in time.

Technology partners allow us to manage an efficient and frictionless process. Having the right technology partners allows easy connectivity for brokers and a seamless experience for investors.

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CrowdX is in the process of obtaining the requisite authorisations which will be in place before trading commences .


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